vmcMote HD (for iPad) now available in the App Store.

A special version of vmcMote for the iPad is now available in the App Store: vmcMote HD.

vmcMote HD takes advance of the presentation capabilities of the iPad. Have your current playlist in your field of view while selecting new music or create new playlists. In case of horizontal device orientation, a cover wall with up to 24 Covers will give you a convenient way to find albums by cover art.

Enjoy the new vmcMote HD!



  1. How much longer until the new release? I am using the lite version on my iPad and iPhone for now for testing. This is a dream come true app and it is almost perfect. I will not purchase the full version until the album/cover art issue has been resolved. The majority of my collection is hit singles and therefor the folders do not have 3 or more songs in order to force the app to show the album/cover art. Please post on here when you plan on releasing the new update. Thank you very much for this great app!

  2. I would totally love this if it was able to be used with the Xbox 360 extender! Please please create that ability

  3. Library is not updating. Server is identified and looks like connected.

  4. The 1.2.5 update should have solved your problems.

    Extender support will not be provided due to several reasons. One is, that the SDK is very limited, preventing to support some of the vmcMote functionality.

  5. it also soved my prob
    thanks for this brother.

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