vmcMote 1.2.5 available in the App Store

Version 1.2.5 of vmcMote and vmcMote HD are now available in the App Store.

This version brings backgrounding (fast app switching) and several bug fixes and improvements. For example, the network handling was improved to resolve sync errors, the volume slider works without delays now, missing/wrong cover problems were resolved, ...


  1. Very interesting app.

    Something that might be of interest... the "Media Center" IR remote dongles are two way.

    Since your app is designed about the WMC, that would mean that any home entertainment center that included a WMC computer has the native ability to broadcast IR to any component within ir range of the WMC ir dongle...

    ...which means a wmc universal remote platform that could potentially blow away all the currently available universal remotes...

    Just thinking out loud.

    Beverly Howard

  2. When I want to install server app, it say WMC is opne i have to close. When i closes than it say it is still open. When i close proceses it say it still open. Whad shoud i do?

  3. I love this app I cannot thank you enough!

    What are the chances you are going to enhance this app with more features?

    If you were taking suggestions, mine would be the ability to view the channel guide from the iPad and schedule recordings, like the Comcast app.

    Let me know if that is possible...

    Thanks again!

  4. Love it. Thank you.
    One simple thing is missing, library by album year.

  5. wow
    that is great player for me
    i will install it and will play music now.

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  6. I and three others would buy this in a hot second if the paid app were reasonable priced. $8 for this, most games with significantly more programming and backend effort cost less. $1.99 and sell 10 times as many, apps. Do the math.

  7. "vmcmote 125" evolved as an anchor for different software and hardware configurations of iphone that made the work easier.

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