Windows 8 Support

Windows 8 was released by Microsoft in October 2012. Windows Media Center has become an add-on, but is still available for Windows 8.

Unfortunately, the current vmcMote server, version, does not work properly with Windows 8. It is not correctly handling the new .NET framework 4.5 in Windows 8.

I finally fixed those issues and created a new server, version, that works with Windows 8.
You can download it here: Download vmcMoteServer BETA
It's still labeled as BETA, as I did not found the time so far to test the new server intensively. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Version submitted to Apple

I just submitted a new version to Apple.

It provides the following fixes and enhancements:
- Library browsing speedup (especially for users with huge databases). IMPORTANT: Issue a sync for speedup to take effect!
- Device rotation related fixes (No upside down cover wall any more).
- Last item in cover wall might have been invisible in previous versions.

It's in the review process and should appear in the App Store within the next week.

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Version 1.2.8 available in the App Store - New Server

Version 1.2.8 of vmcMote brings several minor improvements:
- Fixes issue of albums being present multiple times in list if several artists per album.
- Year tag is now synced and shown in album info.
- Album classification by length detection made configurable via settings.xml

Nov 27th: Server available. It brings small improvements regarding the sync of huge libraries.
Nov 9th: Server available. It improves the sync speed in sync phase 1 compared to the initial 1.2.8 server. The difference is most notable when music files are located on a network share.