New Version 1.2.0 in the App Store


version 1.2.0 of vmcMote and vmcMote Lite is now available in the App Store.

There are the following new features:

- "Cover Wall" mode. Is opened by rotating into landscape orientation while in the library view. Has Artist-Album sorting.
- Color Themes. There are 4 different themes. The new default theme is blue.
- New remove view buttons that have a much nicer look.
- Play Random Subset feature for Genre view.

The following things have been fixed:

- ReConnection not working after the device was locked has been fixed. The internal reconnection handling has been completely reworked.
- The Prev/Pause/Next buttons in the Cover View will now work always.
- Remote Tv Button goes to Recorded Tv now instead of Live Tv.

I hope you enjoy the new version.

Greetings, Thomas


  1. How much longer until the new release? I am using the lite version on my iPad and iPhone for now for testing. This is a dream come true app and it is almost perfect. I will not purchase the full version until the album/cover art issue has been resolved. The majority of my collection is hit singles and therefor the folders do not have 3 or more songs in order to force the app to show the album/cover art. Please post on here when you plan on releasing the new update. Thank you very much for this great app!

  2. Will this App show the cover art and Metadata in MediaBrowser too? Similar to the way it looks for the my music section?

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