vmcMoteHD Screenshots

Image 1: vmcMote HD in Action

Using vmcMote HD. Of course, vmcMote HD also works with the TV switched off.

Image 2: Library Functionality

Browse your library by album/artist/genre, search for music, play/enqueue tracks. The library inforamation is fetched from your Media Center.

Image 3: Cover Wall Mode

In horizontal orientation, vmcMote HD will show a cover wall, giving you an convenient way to search for the album you are in the mood for.

Image 4: Remote Functionality

Use vmcMote as a simple click remote, including a virtual keyboard.

Image 5: Playlist Functionality.

Create playlists, reorder/delete tracks, start the playlists, import the now playing queue ...

Image 6: Color Themes

Choose from four different color themes.

Image 7: vmcMote HD and vmcMote

vmcMote HD is a special iPad version vmcMote for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Image 8: vmcMote HD

Remote your Windows Media Center in the most convenient way, use vmcMote HD.

Image 9: Library - By Album

Browse all the albums in your music library by their name. The now playing list is always in your view on the left in vertical iPad orientation.

Image 10: Library - By Artist

Browse all the artists in your library.

Image 11: Library - An Artist.

You get the albums of an artist after selecting it.

Image 12: Library - Play Album

Hit an album or track: Play it, enqueue it or add it to the currently eddited playlists.

Image 13: Library - Search

Search your library. The results are sorted by album, artists and single tracks that have been found.

Image 14: Library - Radio

vmcMote HD provides radio stream functionality. Streams must be specified on server side as address and cover and can be used in vmcMote just like a music track.

Image 15: Cover Wall

Put your iPad in horizontal view, and you will get a view with up to 24 covers in your field of view. The probably most visual appealing way to search for music.

Image 16: Cover Wall - Play an Album

Hit an album and you will be instantly able to play it or one of its tracks.

Image 17: Playlist View - Edit Mode

One playlist is always in edit mode. The "add to playlist" butten in the library will add tracks to it. You can move track (shown here).

Image 18: Edit Playlists - Swipe Delete

Tracks can be deleted by slidinging to the right on a track cell.

Image 19: Playists - Use them.

A drop down menue lets you play the playlist, import the now playing queue and do much more.

Image 20: Playlists - Management View

The management view lets you manage your playlists. Look for a certain playlist, create new ones, see how long the are, ...

Image 21: Playlists - Quick View

In management view, hitting a playlist will open a quick view. Like the playlist, play it instantly. If not, perhaps modify it ...

Image 22: Remove View

The remote view of vmcMote HD provides you a basic click remote.

Image 23: Remote View - Keyboard

The remote view also includes a virtual keyboard.

Image 24: Setting View.

The settings view lets you manage your vmcMote HD. It shows you running servers and lets you connect to them, initiate a sync of your library information, change the color theme and change the behaviour of vmcMote HD.

Image 25: Startup Screen

At startup, vmcMote HD will show you running servers. Select a server and connect to it. Or you enable auto-connect and vmcMote will connect to the last used server if it is found.

Image 26: DarkGray Color Theme - Library

The library view in the DarkGray color theme.

Image 27: DarkGray Color Theme - Cover Wall

Cover Wall mode in the DarkGray color theme.

Image 28: DarkGray Color Theme - Playlist

Playlist editing in the DarkGray color theme.

Image 29: DarkGray Color Theme - Remote

The remote view in the DarkGray color theme.